Positive changes for your life

Positive changes for your life

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Positive changes for your life

Eye Movement Reprocessing and Desensitization, EMDR, is a type of one on one psychotherapy used mostly to help treat PTSD, post traumatic stress disorder. Individuals suffering from PTSD may have experienced a physical assault, rape, military combat, an accident, a natural disaster or other traumatic event. EMDR uses rapid eye movements to alter the effect of memories related to past trauma. Tapping and audio tones may also be used.


  • Adults and youth may use EMDR to help treat

  • Addictions

  • Anxiety

  • Depression

  • Eating Disorders

  • PTSD

  • Stress




Sand Tray Therapy is a creative form of expressive therapy. Urban Counseling uses Sand Tray Therapy to help children of any age break through blocks in their thinking and perception. Adults who may be "stuck" in long term relationship issues may also benefit from Sand Tray Therapy.


  • Sand Tray Therapy is effective for adults, couples, teens, and children.


  • Sand Tray Therapy can help with Addiction, Anger, Anxiety, Depression, Relationships, Trauma, and more.


  • Sand Tray Therapy helps to express feelings through play, with images and figures, without words, and all at a comfortable pace.


  • Sand Tray Therapy promotes healing in a free and safe place.




Studies find that the presence of an animal lowers blood pressure and cortisol levels and demonstrates calming behaviour in many people. Animals can help with difficult life transitions by offering nurturing and affection. Animals can also teach social skills and enhance communication in children and youth with learning disabilities or who are on the autism spectrum disorder.  They are also useful with clients in areas like stress management, anxiety, anger management.  Having an animal present can also increase the rapport between client and therapist. The human-companion animal bond has revealed many physiological and psychological benefits.  Meet our resident pet therapists Saylor and Oliver.

Her four fuzzy polished paws have been prancing around Urban Counseling ever since the practice opened their doors. For a petite 3 pound Tea Cup Yorkie, Saylor takes her position as the cutest and most cuddly therapy dog in Marion County seriously. She’s proud to be more than just another pretty pooch. Though her training was ruff, she knew that she could make a positive difference. There’s nothing she loves more than to be sitting pretty and all dolled up in her favorite tutu on a warm lap while someone pets their stress away. She may be little but her heart is big!


Oliver is one cute and clever miniature pig. Being a pig, he knows all about how to relax and he’s happy to help others take it easy too. Oliver especially enjoys spending time with children.   This little piggy wiggly will surely snuggle his way into your heart and love spending time under his blankey where its always nice and warm. Oliver is officially certified to assist you on your therapeutic journey.

Sand Tray Therapy


Pet Assisted Therapy


Along with traditional counseling, Urban Counseling provides a multidisplanary apporach towards your mental well-being.

Sailor Oliver